'The Sequence'




Tutor: Rob Knight 


Welcome to our new online workshop, An Introduction to Sequencing Photographs. This is where

we will be exploring some of the ideas and approaches to help develop personal strategies for

sequencing your photographic images. The key objective is to develop an understanding of how

multiple images, rather than the single image, can be organised effectively. This can take the form

of books, web galleries, exhibitions or printed sets. We are looking to edit coherently with

thoughts about narrative whether linear or non-linear. Our aim, to move from collections of

individual images on hard drives or in print boxes, to a piece of work that considers visual

communication with purpose.


The photographer John Blakemore eloquently describes the possibilities of photographic

sequencing for the purpose of making books:


"I deplore the boxes or packets of unconsidered, unresolved prints which inexorably accrue.

To make these images into books demands thought: editing, sequencing, the relationships of

affinities between content or form or colour ... The book allows me freedoms of juxtaposition

of cutting, of reassembly, the creation of fictional spaces."



Throughout our time together, our syllabus and learning outcomes, are designed to consider

some ideas about using multiple images and discuss/reflect on those possibilities. Most of all this

will be a practical workshop, where we will take a set of your images and sequence, reflect, refine,

discuss, collaborate and revisit as we work towards completion. With an effective toolkit at the end,

you can begin to consider how your photography and photographs can be used with confidence

and purpose.




The workshop will help develop your understanding, ability, and confidence to make coherent and

potentially meaningful series or sets using your photographs, and present them in a way which

develops an engaging experience for a viewer. You will learn to understand better your intention,

and possible narrative structure.



The workshop is for anyone who has either digital, analogue or print collections of photographs

no matter how disparate or disjointed they may appear. You may be a confident photographer,

producing series or projects, but are looking for a way to develop a strategy to bring this work

together into a considered final form. You may be someone who is content exploring photography

in any way it comes to you as a joy and simply wish to be able to present your work more



This workshop is for anyone who works with the medium using any process or combination of

processes. Essentially, it is about the possibility of the photographic picture. This is also for anyone who

might work, in video, audio or the written word. This introduction to sequencing will allow you to bring

your work together, and to reflect upon your picture-making. The photographer Mark Power and Stuart

Smith director of Gost Books, set out succinctly what our aims and objectives for this workshop are:


“Essentially, we were sequencing visually, but we both wanted to veer away, as best we could, from

simply sequencing because of similar colours, or repetitious shapes. If we could incorporate subject,

irony, colour and form then we were onto something.”




The workshop will utilise different models of learning including:

• Scheduled online one to one sessions, starting with a getting to know, individual learning

objectives and starting points.

• Pre-recorded and curated video content that will form ideas for discussion and reflection.

• Group online video/audio discussions sessions led by the tutors where we will consider personal

approaches to sequencing and development.

• Live sequencing sessions to collaborate and learn from tutors but importantly our peers to

consider alternative view points.

• Structured feedback both group based and individually throughout.

• Independent study around key texts to help inform tutorials.





On completion of the workshop each participant will receive a summary of their development. Each

participant can (if requested) be issued with a digital credential to demonstrate workshop participation

which can then be added to and shown on digital cv's, social media and on the learners LinkedIn

profile, for example, if they have one.


On Completion You will all be able to:


1. Acknowledge some ideas related to photographic sequences.

2. Recognise some key photographers who developed approaches to sequencing.

3. Explore strategic approaches to sequencing.

4. Apply knowledge and strategies to sequencing a piece of work.

5. Demonstrate an explorative mindset around sequencing and alternative viewpoints.

6. To reflect, explain and critique your own images and sequencing ideas.

7. Embrace a sense of or playful approach to sequencing.

8. Critically reflect on your final sequence of work.


“The important thing to remember is that there isn’t just one correct way of sequencing pictures.

There are many, and it’s very subjective.”

Mark Power


This new and exciting workshop will be offered as an online workshop delivered via our dedicated online learning platform where we will facilitate an engaging, positive and challenging learning environment for our participants.

As well as being professional photographers both tutors have a long established background in education and learning at both degree and masters level.

The course duration will be over a four week period, with the first week being the introductory period where we will stage a one to one session with each participant to understand their individual learning style and starting point with sequencing, participants will be introduced to the first key concepts and key writers / thinkers on sequencing and everyone will get to know one and other and how all the systems including learning portal work . Each week will be a mixture of 1to1 sessions online, reading and reflective comment / discussion in the learning portal, live online sequencing sessions and reflective sessions to explore your own sequence and it's development across the four weeks. Weeks two, three and four will be intense enough to develop your thinking and as a group challenge everyone to collaborate and discuss individual approaches to sequencing as well as the key practitioners in the area. Our key focus across the four weeks will be very practical and taking a single series of your images to explore, develop and refine approaches to sequencing. This workshop is highly participatory and will develop an effective toolkit with which you can frame your approach to photography and working in series' moving forward. Week three is a week of collaboration where we will explore our work with the close and valuable input from a fellow participant to ensure we are able to see all the possibilities of our work. 


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The early cohorts of this course was fully subscribed with a waiting list also so please act quickly to secure your place. We guarantee this course will both enable and empower every attendee moving forward with their photography.

This workshop is an excellent stand alone workshop but can also be taken as part of our wider trilogy of workshops 'The Photographers Eye'; which also includes 'The Project' workshop and soon to be released 'The Book' practical based workshop.

FIRST 2024 COURSE DATES: 19/05/2024 - 23/06/24

Course price: £485 per person

The workshop will be limited to strictly 10 participants to ensure the cohort size is large enough for vibrant discussion and small enough for 1to1 time.