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  "An inspiring session not only helping me technically, but helping me learn to 'see' creatively"



On Location Workshops    

Have you just bought a new camera and need help fathoming out all those dials and settings? do you want to get more from your DSLR and move out of 'auto' mode to take control of your image making? Are you an experienced photographer wanting to make that next 'jump' or explore your creativity and personal vision? Or do you want to get out there and spend some dedicated time out in the landscape, exploring new locations with assistance on hand and someone to bounce ideas off?

Then, take the opportunity to join us on one of our group photography workshops exploring some of the most beautifully photogenic locations across the UK as well as some hidden gems offering endless photographic opportunities throughout the seasons for photographers of all levels. All the locations have been thoroughly researched to ensure our workshop dates give us the best chance of capturing the landscape / seascape in the best light possible, whether that be stunning sunrises / sunsets or moody skies and atmospheric mist. 

We will explore and photograph our locations as part of a small group, we limit our workshops to 6-8 participants to allow us to spend the most amount of with each individual working with them to develop their skills and techniques, answer questions and create images they will be proud of.

The workshop teaching is designed to be fun, informative, relaxed, and informal to create an inspiring and creative environment where our attendees can enhance their camera skills, techniques of composition and explore / develop their creativity and personal vision. We tailor our approach to suite the individual needs and learning styles of everyone with the aim of helping you improve your photography and have fun with the camera.

To maximise the 'fine tuning' and image making time on location we work with you in advance of the workshop to understand your specific needs and provide you with pre-workshop materials and support to give you a head start in understanding some of the underlying concepts, theories and technical skills. Our delivery style is such that we remove all the jargon and make the learning accessible and enjoyable for all.

At the end of the location workshop our aim is for you to have had fun, feel that you have developed photographically (excuse the togs pun!), gained insight into a location and overall to be happy in your time with us...... maybe even want to come back and join us again. At the end of the day we are not happy if you're not happy!

The Reason WhyThe Reason Why


"I felt so at ease being an absolute beginner. It was great, I never felt afraid to ask those 'silly' questions.

Loved it!


Derwent DrizzleDerwent Drizzle


1 to 1 Workshops    

You may decide that a group workshop doesn't suit your requirements and learning style or you may prefer the dedicated attention and bespoke nature that a 1 to 1 workshop offers you. Our 1 to 1 workshops offer excellent value and a day that can be tailored to suite your specific needs, whether that be a complete day out in the field refining your composition, vision and image making skills, a day in our studio (or at your home) dedicated to developing your understanding and skills in post processing your captured images to achieve your final 'vision', or a split day where we can help you capture some enduring landscape and seascape images combined with tuition in the digital dark room to help your unravel the complexities of Photoshop, Lightroom and the complete Nik Software collection including the superb Silver Efex Pro 2 for black and white image processing. We also offer training for Capture One and the open source DarkTable editing software packages. We know video is becoming increasingly important in the digital age to creatives so we also offer training as accredited Adobe Education Trainers for Premier Pro and After Effects as well as many of the mobile apps that cover photography and video in the Adobe family such as Adobe Spark.

The 1 to 1 workshops are driven by the requirements of our students, we will send out a brief questionnaire on booking and in the run up to the workshop have a detailed chat with you to further understand your full requirements for the 1 to 1. We will then provide you with a workshop plan which is concise and simple to understand, clearly indicating what you can expect to learn from us on your workshop (your 'learning outcomes'). As with all our workshops we will provide you with pre-workshop learning materials and support to lead you through some of the technical skills that can be taught ahead of the moments where you pensively await that glorious sunrise on a North Yorkshire beach. Our aim being that we can spend the maximum time with you on location helping you visualise your images, hone your techniques and capture images you will be proud of.

Our rates:


  • Half Day (3.5 Hours) - £250 
  • Full Day (7 Hours) - £350 (including lunch!) 
  • Max Day - Dawn till Dusk workshop - £400 (including breakfast & early evening meal)

You may decide you wish to share your 1to1 workshop with up to two friends or relatives, booked at the same time. In doing this the following rates will apply, which will lower the per person cost individually (max participants is 3 on a 1 to 1 workshop to ensure the highest quality of teaching time for all)

  • 2 People Half Day (3.5 Hours) - £200 per person
  • 3 People Half Day (3.5 Hours) - £150 per person
  • 2 People Full Day (7 Hours) - £300 per person (including lunch)
  • 3 People Full Day (7 Hours) - £250 per person (including lunch)
  • 2 People Max Day Dawn till Dusk - £350 per person (including breakfast & early evening meal)
  • 3 People Max Day Dawn till Dusk - £300 per person (including breakfast & early evening meal)



Professional / Corporate Group Training:

We also offer group training on site for you professional needs in both the use of cameras, creative skills and full managed workflow training on a variety of packages including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and the Google Nik Plugin Suite. We can also provide training i the use of video cameras, video production and video post processing techniques using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

We offer two tiers of professional / corporate training one for smaller groups of less than 8 people and one for groups of 9 and above. We can facilitate sessions for groups of up to 25 at a time in the larger sessions to ensure the groups isn't too large and everyone gets something from the session as per the designed learning outcomes.

The smaller group sessions of sub 8 people are slightly more expensive on a per person basis as each person will get much more personalised tuition than in the larger groups making this more akin to a personalised training session.

  • Small Group (Up to 8 Participants): £250 per 5 hour day session per person.
  • Large Group (9-25 Participants): £200 per 5 hour day session per person.

All sessions will be tailored to suit your precise needs and that of your team and we will provide a full detailed training plan after initial consultation with you which will clearly identify all the learning outcomes for your professional development session.

To have a chat about our 1 to 1's or group workshops, discuss your requirements and arrange a time, date and suitable location CONTACT us. All our 1 to 1 bespoke workshop package prices include travel expenses within an 40 mile radius of Sheffield. We are happy to travel further afield within the UK or abroad for 1 to 1 bespoke workshops, group workshops or professional / corporate training where travel expenses will be charged at 45p per mile of travel over the 40 mile radius of Sheffield to cover expenses and our time. We will agree in advance of the workshop, once we know your location exactly how much the travel expenses will be so you know exactly what the overall cost of the workshop is.

Shooting Stanage SunsetShooting Stanage Sunset



"I've learnt more in the day with Rob than the months trawling through books, thank you!"

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"It was great that it was in my own home and not with anyone else. I never felt afraid to ask those 'silly' questions"