Some plain English Terms & Conditions



All bookings from you (the customer) to us (R&K Photographic) will only be confirmed once either the due balance (full for shorter workshops) or non-refundable deposit (residential and multi day workshops) is paid as directed on the issued invoice.

On payment of the above you place on the workshop is confirmed subject to:

1. Payment of full balance at the due date where a deposit is made previously.

2. We confirm your booking.

As directed in the workshop details you are advised to take out your own travel insurance for all workshops in case you have to cancel within the final non cancellation window or you have to leave early for a reason outside of our control such as family issue or needing to return to your home.

What is included in each workshop is clearly stated in each workshop page / details, if you have any queries do not hesitate to speak to us before the workshop.


Code of Conduct

We have a strict code of conduct on our workshops for the overall good and safety of all members on the workshops:

1. Arrival times are stated on the workshop page and pre workshop information pack, this gives us time to arrive ahead of you and prepare the accommodation on residential workshops for your arrival and be able to welcome you properly. Please do not arrive early without prior agreement with us.

2. We have undertaken risk assessments on all the locations we use for on location workshops, we will issue advice and guidance in advance of the workshop about fitness levels, safety points, suitable clothing and footwear and anything else we deem important for the wellbeing and safety of all our guests. On location we will advise on general health and safety, areas to avoid or pay specific notice too and our meet up points if the group spead out.

3.We ask all attendees to adhere to the health and safety guidance and information provided as well as come with the appropriate clothing and footwear. Should anyone not follow these guidelines we will have a discussion with the person on the first occasion but should these safety guidelines be broken again we will ask the person to leave the workshop and take them to safe point.

4. Behaviour and attitude towards others on the workshop and leaders; we expect everyone on the workshop to take full part in the workshop as much as they can and to behave in an appropriate manner with all other guests and workshop leaders. We will not tolerate abuse, harassment, bullying or any other kind of behaviour towards workshop attendees or leaders from anyone. If anyone contravenes these guidelines, they will be asked to leave the workshop.

5. Respect for the environment and local communities we work in; we expect all workshop leaders and participants to respect both the environments we are working in ecologically (no litter, no wilful damage to property, no wilful damage to the environment around us through actions taken). It is hugely important to use that part of the experience on our residential workshops is engaging with the environment and the local communities who host and welcome us to their area.

6. Activities; whilst we appreciate not everyone will want to walk up huge hills / mountains or walk miles (we try and keep these minimal and optional) we do expect our participants to take an active part in the group discussions and activities for the good of the whole group. Whilst some of the activities may be unfamiliar or not something you have explored with your photography, they are all carefully designed to provide new ideas, skills, perspectives and learnings for everyone on the workshop and form an integral part of the workshop. We will ensure everyone is able to take part within their own confidence levels and help and guide our participants. We won't tolerate people being rude and steadfast refusing to take part in group work to the detriment of the group, we passionately believe we all learn as much from each other on the workshops, so the group side is integral to the experience.

7. Enjoyment - we would like everyone to enjoy the workshops and come away with as much experience and new ideas as possible, this involves working with, supporting your fellow participants, and playing an active part in the workshop.




We understand from time to time someone may need to cancel a workshop or in very rare cases we may need to cancel a workshop, below is our cancellation policy.

1. Should we cancel a workshop we will aim to reschedule or offer an equal or greater value equivalent at no extra charge to our participants.

2. If we cancel and do not offer a re-arranged date or dates options or alternative workshop / leaning experiences with us we will offer a full refund.

3. Participant cancellation on multi day / residential workshops - cancellation before 4 months prior to the start date either electronic, written or voice we will offer a full refund of any monies paid over and above the non-refundable deposit for that workshop in question (see invoice).

4.Participant cancellation on multi day / residential workshops - cancellation on or after the 4-month mark before the start of the workshop the full payment will be due as per invoice and any refund will be subject to us or / you reselling the workshop space and this booking being accepted and paid in full. The refund at this point will be minus the non-refundable deposit amount and any other costs incurred such as single occupancy supplements or additional accommodation supplements for booking place cancelled.

5. We will work with you to help you claim any monies after the 4-month period if not sold or you wish to claim on your personal travel insurance straight away. We can re-issue paperwork and short covering letters to assist with your insurance claim.

6. Single day or online workshops - participant cancellation for these workshops must be made no later than 2 weeks prior to the due date either electronically, written or voice to use. Where a workshop place is cancelled with the 2 weeks' notice before the start, we will issue a full refund minus any costs incurred for the place on the workshop (setting up of electronic licenses for our online learning platform for example or pre booked and paid meals for a single day workshop).

7.  Single day or online workshops - participant cancellation for these workshops that is made inside this 2-week windows of the start / amended start date of the workshop will not include any refund as our costs will already have been incurred and the participant will have had access to our IP / online platform / learning materials etc. We will, however, as a gesture of goodwill, offer to resell the space cancelled for the workshop and if successful offer a full refund minus £100 admin fee for reselling the space.

8. If a participant cancels due to not being able to make the dates after the two weeks' notice period we will offer alternative date options, alternative workshop options and other learning experiences that will be of equal or greater value to the booked workshop to ensure participants get the best experience with us.


Covid 19 - We work within all guidelines as set by the UK Government and ensure strict adherence to any rules on the date given for a workshop and where these may differ in various parts of the UK where we offer workshops. 

We appreciate things sometimes go wrong and cancellations are necessary but all we ask is that participants speak to us as soon as they know there may be an issue and we can co-agree a suitable resolution to avoid disappointment on the participants part and financial loss or burden on both sides.


Overall, our aim is to ensure everyone who joins us in any kind of workshop has the best and most positive experience possible with us as we'd love to work with all our clients again and again.


R&K Photographic (Ⓒ 2020)