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What our clients say about us


Our clients / customers are at the core of everything we do, we strive to give the best experience and continually look to improve what we do to  ensure we are always able to meet and exceed our client expectations. We value every one of our clients who've spent time with us or whom we've worked / consulted for and pride ourselves on the feedback we receive from those we have worked with. Our creative learning and photography offerings are designed to develop each and every individual we work with, helping people explore their own personal creative approach and developmental journey.

We are really proud to have many clients who book time and time again with us which we feel is testament to the experiences, expertise, value and customer focus we offer. We are also extremely proud to be able to call many of our clients very good friends as we have gotten to know them more and more through return workshops with us.


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Below is a selection of feedback from clients


"Facilitative, gently challenging to really think stuff through, clearly knows his stuff and got so many resources to recommend to follow up"


"Rob was able to draw on a wide range of experience and reference sources. He is also very relaxed and encouraging of people to find their own way"


"I like and appreciate that Rob is very clear in what he says and has a very easy and relaxed manner. At no time was I made to feel that I wasn't an equal member of the group and my opinions/contributions were as valuable as everyone else's. This is a skill not all trainers possess."


"Wasn't too prescriptive, knew when to let us do our own thing but also asked some really important questions to make us think about our own work and processes and encouraged conversation and critique among the group."


"The day of printing and discussing our work really helped focus my mind on what I was trying to achieve during my time on the course. This proved invaluable to my development."


"I loved every aspect of the workshop and the amount of effort that Rob and David obviously put into the creation and running of the 3 weeks was extraordinary. I loved the fact that everyone was encouraged to participate - which cannot have been easy because we all came with different requirements. I loved the fact that you changed tack after the first group session to make sure things were more time limited and comprehensively covered. In other words you flexed to the needs of the course and participants. In the future just carry on I would say."


"The attention to detail in every aspect, the accommodation and meals, the locations we went to, taking account of the weather conditions, consulting with the group and planning the timetable accordingly plus the benefit of Rob's knowledge and expertise being on hand."


" I learned a huge amount from Rob, as always, and am always in awe of his vision and perceptions."


"I got a massive amount of learning from the course."


"This is the most unique, well run and participant focused workshop I have ever been on...... and I have been on a lot. Everything was focused around individual expression and interpretation, we were not simply reproducing someone else's work or visual style. I feel much more confident to seek my own photographic perspectives and make the kind of work that speaks to and inspires me."


"It has made my completely rethink photobooks and how I will approach my projects and books in the future"


"Everything was well organised, amazing location, having the facilities there to project, print etc. was fantastic, great house to stay in and delicious food, couldn't ask for much more!"


"The online workshop was utterly transformational for my photography and my personal development. Every aspect of the workshop challenged me to place myself at the heart of what I do and reflect and focus on making pictures that are personal and expressive. The group learning exposed me to differing perceptions and ideas, even about my own work and how I make photographs. I am indebted to Rob & David for taking me on this journey and look forward to exploring my photography with new eyes, renewed vigour and a real personal focus in the future. Thank you!"


100% of our clients said our workshops, courses and tuition are excellent value for money.

100% of our clients said that our teaching style and personalisation of the workshops suited their needs.