Dark Visions is an exhibition of monochrome photography by landscape photographer and photographic educator Rob Knight. It is based around a five year project exploring the vision, feeling and mood we both simultaneously experience and creatively define in our interaction as humans with the landscape around us.

Dark Visions explores how personal interpretation of our environment defines our creative vision and will feature a unique collaboration with two writers (Steve Devonport & Dan Ladle) who have created original pieces of writing fuelled by their interpretation of Rob’s images.

Dark Visions seeks to provide a mixed media experience drawing together through collaboration photography and writing as creative arts and will also feature both video and audio to encapsulate the audience within this landscape vision.

2014 saw #DarkVisions debut as an exhibition at the Patchings Art Centre in Nottingham where it received amazing feedback and visitor response.

2015 sees Rob bring #DarkVisions, with some exclusive new images, to the renowned Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton, North Yorkshire between the 3rd and 21st October. Affectionately known as the 'theatre of light' to landscape photographers Rob is extremely proud to be exhibiting at such a prestigious venue amongst such talent as David Ward, Lizzie Shepherd and the master of British landscape photography himself Joe Cornish.

On Saturday 3rd October the gallery will host the special launch event for the exhibition where as well as being able to enjoy the printed works and meet both Rob and one of the writers Steve Devonport you will also be treated to a multimedia exhibition experience featuring video and music written by the third of the collaborators author and musician Dan Ladle from Australia.

At 2pm on the 3rd October Rob will present his 'Experiential Landscape' presentation and discussion examining our creative journeys and connection with the landscape we experience as photographers. The following Saturday (10th October) sees Rob running some very special 'Creative Camera' workshops on behalf of the Joe Cornish Gallery with response to these being amazing selling out overnight on going live on the gallery website.

#DarkVisions is kindly supported and sponsored by Fotospeed professional inkjet media and inks as Rob's official paper partners, this is a partnership Rob is extremely proud of and committed to given the sheer quality of the papers produced by Fotospeed as well as their customer service to photographers which is truly second to none. Rob's endorsement and recommendation of Fotospeed papers is a reflection of this quality and attention to detail they provide. 




Foreward by Doug Chinnery

It is very easy to go through life taking photographs of the places we visit and the things we see, and being very happy doing so. Which is perfectly fine. But the result is simply a (vast) collection of photographs with no real purpose or cohesion, other than being an amalgamated record of our experiences.

To give our photography direction and cohesion takes great effort and thought. It requires patience and a purpose. It is harder. However, the results are worth the effort. Once completed, each project becomes a group of images that hold together, that flow and resonate with each other. By displaying them as a cohesive project our audience gets a glimpse of our vision and purpose. They more clearly see something of the world in the way we see it. They may even feel they pick up some message from the story we tell, be it simple or complex, profound or whimsical. Whatever, our images will have greater impact when displayed in this way.

Photographer, educator and social networker, Rob Knight, has done just this with his “Dark Vision” project. Indeed, he has not been satisfied with simply offering us a collection of images that work well together in an exhibition. He has developed his project to broaden its scope and influence in several other ways.

Rob really knows how to use just about every media channel around to the full to expand the reach of his work and broaden its affect. Collaborating with two creative writers, Steve Devonport and Dan Ladle, who have both used the images to fuel their imaginations to produce fictional pieces has introduced an interesting dimension to the project. Add to this the use of audio and video and you have an experience with real scope which goes well beyond your usual photographic exhibition.

This use of collaboration and multi-channel media runs true with Rob’s devotion to promoting photography as a medium. He tirelessly works, along with his partner, Karen, to introduce new photographers to exhibiting and works to develop the skills of others selflessly and for this he is to be admired and applauded.

It is the images which are at the core of the “Dark Visions” project. Five years in the making, Rob has distilled his images down to the core by choosing very deliberately to present them in monochrome. The removal of colour takes away distraction and focuses the eye on shape, form, line, contrast and texture. It forces the mind to see detail and not be simply amused and delighted by ‘pretty’ colour and light. It simplifies the images giving them a presence and mood. In “Dark Visions”, Rob has concentrated his lens mainly on subjects where man is interacting with world, be it in urban settings or on the edge of wilderness.

In many of the images man’s hand can be seen, along with the effects of time, weather and the wild landscape. In other images man is removed and we are left seeing the wild places where man’s intervention is less obvious. Any artist will tell you, it takes courage to present your work to the world. We lay ourselves bare and open ourselves up to criticism and as a result the majority never take the step of exhibiting and publishing their work.


Rob is a great example of a photographer who is driven to make images, but not only that, is determined to continue to forge forward in his own personal development as an artist and is prepared to take that brave step of revealing himself to us. “Dark Visions” is the next great milestone in his path.


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