Single Day on Location Workshops.

Exploring the art of visual storytelling and project-based approaches to photography.


Paddy's SunsetPaddy's Sunset

We are launching a new series of single day, on location workshops for the summer of 2022. All the workshops will be focused around helping each and every participant develop their photography / photographic approach no matter what level you are from beginner / enthusiast right through to a seasoned professional looking for a fresh approach to re-invigorate their personal photography.

The essence of these single day workshops will be to develop the idea of visual storytelling through your photography, we will look to explore a narrative across a series of series of pictures as you piece together your own story of each location on the workshops. Although we will be equally looking for those standout pictures as the light develops, we want to help you also remove the burden of pressure looking for that single 'killer image' that can sometimes leave our photography outings tinged with frustration.

A storytelling or project-based approach will allow us all to develop and refine an idea, make images in constellations that start to explore more of the essence of place. As part of this working practice we will also consider the other options of media at our fingertips that can help develop our own story of a place. We may well explore the use of video, sound, found objects and the importance of words both on location but also post workshop as a constituent part of our visual storytelling toolkit.

The workshops will be supported not only by the on-location day, but also a pre-workshop Zoom style meeting where we'll explore some of the key elements of successful visual storytelling to help you prepare for the day out making your work. There will also be a post workshop Zoom style follow up evening where we'll, as a group, develop a process for curating and sequencing your workshop images to allow you to present them as a coherent web presentation, self-published or handmade book.

Each workshop will cost £165 per person which includes the day location based as well as the pre and post online Zoom style sessions to develop the pictures you make into a tangible artefact.

Below is a summary of each workshop location and available dates, click on the thumbnail image next to the workshop to explore the full details for that particular workshop.


'South Gare'

South Gare near Redcar on Teesside - 7th October 2023

Although on arrival and at first glance South Gare can seem like such a complex location and making sense of it photographically will seem like a real challenge……. If photographers take the time to get to know the place and a sense for the atmosphere, they will soon find telling the story of this unique place becomes much easier. A day spent at South Gare is both varied, inspiring and will allow you to explore a wide variety of image making.

Indeed, the Gare is the perfect location to approach when wanting to explore the power of working in a series of images or a project. Looking to develop a narrative and flow between images to get under the skin of the place, its history, its heritage, it’s social context and its uncertain future. This is truly a unique location to photograph and will offer something for everyone.

A real photographic mix of landscapes, seascapes, industrial heritage, people, place and environment. You won't be short of inspiration.

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Dark SteelDark Steel
'North Yorkshire Hidden Gems'

North Yorkshire Hidden Gems - 8th October 2023

In this workshop we will head a little of the beaten track or at least the iconic and most well photographed locations. The North Yorkshire moors and coast region offers some of the most beautiful, rugged and photographic landscape opportunities in the country, on each date we will visit three locations across the day starting off with a sunrise location and closing in the evening at our final location. 

Each location we visit has been carefully chosen to give us opportunity for developing a mini project or series approach to our photography and allow all participants to explore their own personal connection to the places.

Each of the dates will feature totally different locations.

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‘Sheffield: Psychogeography, photography, projects and creative walking'

Sheffield Creative Walking - 24th September 2023

Sheffield is a vibrant city of contrasts, one of new architecture featuring modern, strong, bold lines but also a city of history, heritage and the old that sits seamlessly alongside the new developments. Our walking workshop of the city will explore the essence of the city and how we can make connections to it to tell its photographic story. We'll embellish our walk with some of the history and heritage which will truly give you a feel for some of the stories that have shaped the city and that you can use to inspire your picture making.

We will explore strategies to disrupt our usual way of finding pictures to enable everyone to come home with a toolkit they can apply to even the most familiar of locations and see it with different eyes and fresh perspectives.

For in depth details of the workshop click the image.

Dark Graffiti IDark Graffiti I
'Mills, Moors and Moonrakers: Marsden & Slaithwaite'

Mills, Moors & Moonrakers: Marsden & Slaithwaite - 23rd September 2023

The West Yorkshire towns of Marsden and Slaithwaite sit alongside the River Colne and the Huddersfield narrow canal and nestle in the Colne Valley amidst the dramatic landscape of moorland, hills and reservoirs. The towns were hugely prosperous centres of the woolen and silk industries throughout the 19th and into the 20th century with some of the finest examples if intact industrial architecture in the country. Marsden sits at the boundary of the Peak District National Park.

Our day will cover both towns and a walk up the Huddersfield Narrow canal / river Colne as well as some of the surrounding moorland / reservoirs. The industrial heritage of the two towns make them excellent subjects for exploring black and white / monochrome photography but importantly the addition of the dramatic landscapes surrounding the towns make them excellent locations to explore our story telling / mini project approach.

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'Lincolnshire Wolds & Coast'

Lincolnshire Wolds & Coast - 3rd September 2023

The Lincolnshire coast is so often overlooked by photographers in favour or the perceived drama of the rugged Yorkshire coast or the flat open expanses of Norfolk. But in doing so we miss out on so many beautiful small and quiet locations that are a haven for wildlife and stunning minimal landscapes in their own right.

Each date we will explore a mixture of three locations covering coastal, marshland and rolling Wolds.

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'Sherwood Forest & Budby South Reserve'

Sherwood Forest & Budby South Reserve - 15th October 2023

The ancient woodlands of Sherwood in Nottinghamshire are a place of myth, legend, intrigue, and natural beauty. Budby is the largest area of heathland in the Midlands and home to nightjars, woodlarks and tree pippets throughout the summer making the most of the varied fauna and natural heat of the summer heathland. The whole area of Sherwood and Budby is a snapshot of an ancient, medieval landscape that is both an abundance of inspiration to photographers as well as a real relaxed treat for soul allowing us to slow down and wind down.

As locations for developing compelling photographic series, projects and narrative it is perfect.

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Close up of bright yellow and red maple leaves on fall tree branches with vibrant blurred background in autumn park.Close up of bright yellow and red maple leaves on fall tree branches with vibrant blurred background in autumn park.Close up of bright yellow and red maple leaves on fall tree branches with vibrant blurred background in autumn park.
'Hidden Lincolnshire Gems'

Hidden Lincolnshire Gems - 10th September 2023

Lincolnshire..... often known as 'Bomber County' and the home of hundreds of WWI/II airfields but also often misrepresented as the tacky home of the seaside holiday and the kiss me quick hat.

But there is so much more to Lincolnshire that most photographers never see or visit, from delightful dune systems, quiet stretches of minimal beach, small creaks and vast ecologically important marsh systems.

Our 'Hidden Lincolnshire Gems' workshop will take in some of these lesser know yet beautiful locations that will allow the photographer to really get under the skin of one of the flattest counties in England and develop a storytelling approach to photographing these hidden gems.

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‘Humberhead Peatlands'

Humberhead Peatlands NNR -Next date TBC

The Humberhead Peatlands are located in the north of England, UK. They comprise Thorne, Goole, and Crowle Moors, as well as Hatfield Moors and represent the largest area of raised bog wilderness in lowland Britain at 2,887 hectares in size. The site is internationally important, both as an example of a lowland raised mire and for its breeding nightjars. The Humberhead Peatlands are a remnant of a large wetland that occupied the floodplain of the Humberhead Levels thousands of years ago. They have been worked for peat throughout recorded history. The impact of this working has been to leave the remaining area with too varied a water table to allow peat formation.

This huge expansive area also includes woodlands and wetlands thus offering the photographer a varied and challenging approach to picture making. It's another location that will truly push you to make connections and explore the concept of telling a compelling visual story through a mini project approach.

More details and booking opening soon.

'Classic North Yorkshire'

Classic North Yorkshire - 1st October 2023

The North Yorkshire moors and coastal region are full of classic well known photographic locations, from the iconic towns of Whitby and Staithes, the dramatic waterfall of Fallings Foss, the iconic Rosberry Topping to the vast open heather moorlands and dramatic edges.

But being well know, classic and much photographed doesn't stop us enjoying making our own interpretations of these much-loved places for our own portfolios. What we will bring to this is an approach to developing deeper connections through visual storytelling and working in small series or projects. We love stunning single images too, but we will help you free from the shackles and pressures of that often elusive 'single killer image' to a more holistic, measured, and personal approach to developing a body of work that gets under the skin of your connection to place and puts you the picture maker at the heart of your work.

More details and booking opening soon

Von Tromp & The NabVon Tromp & The NabThe wreckage of the Admiral Von Tromp which was grounded on the rock shelves off Saltwick Bay taking the lives of two sailors.
  There will be more single day workshops throughout the autumn and winter, please check back for new dates.  

All workshops are operated under current and appropriate guidelines to maintain safety and ensure we comply with all legal requirements. As workshop leaders we are undertaking regular twice weekly lateral flow Covid tests to ensure we are negative at the time of the workshops for everyone's safety. Although we cannot insist on participants undertaking a lateral flow test prior to coming on the workshop, if you would like information about them and where you can get your free test / test kit see details from the NHS HERE. If you wished to take a test in the days before coming on a workshop you will be doing your bit in preventing the spread of Coronavirus and protecting your fellow workshop participants. 


All of these single day on location workshops are £165 per person, per day.


Each workshop includes a pre workshop (in the week before the date) online Zoom style group session where we'll present around the approach to visual storytelling / working in projects, look at working strategies for the on-location day and discuss as a group peoples experience and personal strategies for working on a connected body of work.

Each workshop also includes a post workshop (in the weeks following the date) Zoom style session where we will come together to consider our curated pictures from the workshop day and how we can approach sequencing them for a defined output such as a web portfolio, zine / book, handmade book or box set of prints. This is very much focused on the end to end process of producing an overall artefact or output from our work and not allowing them to sit and fester as zeros and ones on our hard drives.


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