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'Dark Visions' is an ongoing project based in the monochrome, investigating our mood and relationship with the landscape and sea margins of our island existence.
The images, subject and titles are designed to ask the viewer questions about the image, how they interpret it, their relationship with it and ultimately the feelings it may invoke.

'Dark Visions' was first exhibited in 2014 featuring a collaboration with two fiction authors, who created original short stories based on their personal interpretations of a selection of the 'Dark' images.


2014 (Sept/Oct) - The Patchings Art Centre, Nottingham UK

2015 (October) - The Joe Cornish Gallery, Northallerton UK
Dark CurrentsDark PierDark VoyageDark LightDark 5Dark DwellingDark TranquilityDark BrutalityDark FuturesDark DivisionDark TowersDark TowerDark Graffiti IDark ForestDark DunesDark EruptionDark FallsDark StructureDark PointDark Pier II