Lincolnshire Coast Seascape & Landscape Workshop 

- Minimal & Creative Landscapes -


Date: Sunday 4th July 2021 Meeting Location / Time: Anderby Creek / 4am (approx 8 hours)
Max Participants: 4 Cost: £250 per person with breakfast included
Fitness Level: Easy no major inclines, concrete / gravel / sand. Kit: Camera, tripod, filters, appropriate clothing & footwear.


The Lincolnshire coast is probably one of the neglected coastlines in the UK when it comes to photography, we say images of Dorset, North Yorkshire & Northumberland, the north west coast and further North into Scotland and the Western Isles, but for me Lincolnshire is often overlooked as a photographic location.

It may not have the dramatic cliffs and rocks or picturesque little bays but off the beaten track of the tourist resorts there are some fantastic gems of locations along the Lincolnshire coastline and all are extremely easy to reach with no major hikes or climbs............. gosh many we can almost fall out of the car pre sunrise and be ready to embrace the location.

As a stretch of coast Lincolnshire has many a picturesque and peaceful beach, dune location or bank. An absolute gold mine of minimal landscape and seascape views, locations which will allow us to capture something a little more out of the norm. As one of the the flattest counties in the country we are able to move away from the dramatic vista horizon strewn with cliffs and rocks to concentrate on a calmer and more minimalistic interpretation of the British landscape, something which can be more personal and an easier introduction into 'seeing' the landscape in front of us.

Many of us will know some of the more well known locations along Lincolnshire's east coast; the familiar seaside holiday locations of Mablethorpe and Skegness with the bustling summer populations, gift shops and amusement arcades. Dare say they are locations many of us have visited in the past or may still 'retreat' to now for a traditional seaside getaway. But, it is not these tourist locations we will focus our photography on, we shall be visiting some of the smaller unspoilt locations.

The workshop start location will be Anderby Creek, a quiet picturesque village inbetween Skegness and Mablethorpe, it is a superb location for sunrise with an unspoilt and minimal coastline, superb dunes, the Cloud Bar not to mention the myriad of wildlife taking advantage of this quiet stretch of coast. We will spend the time creating creative and minimal landscape imagery as well as some classic landscape / seascape work.

Once we have worked Anderby as a sunrise location and made the most of the dynamically changing early light we shall move along the coast to a couple of unspoilt locations which are home to rare wildlife and many seabirds, we will visit one or two of the following locations: Marsh Yard, Moggs Eye, Wolla Bank and Chapel Six Marshes. 

The final location for the workshop is Gibraltar Point, a stunning nature reserve to the south of Skegness with some of the most glorious unspoilt marsh land, dunes and shingle beaches. Gibraltar Point is home to a massive amount of wildlife including seals and migrating sea birds. We will choose our image locations extremely carefully using some of the well marked and posted pathways to ensure we fully respect the wildlife and fauna of this stunning locations.

Once again the opportunity to capture not only classic landscapes but also creative landscapes and micro landscapes of detail is plentiful. For anyone wishing to capture images of wildlife with the appropriate kit this is a wonderful location as it also is for anyone wanting to capture some beautiful macro images of the flora and fauna.






Coastal WindingCoastal Winding










The focus of this workshop is to help you enhance the way you visualise and see a landscape scene, helping you move from the classic wide shots through to close up landscape images. We will explore how our creative vision and experiences can define the type of images make.

We will explore our use of colour and black and white photography, using the facets of this unique landscape to create compelling images. You will see how the use of form and shape in the landscape will help you take a 'pretty' colour scene and apply thinking with a monochrome mindset to create simple and dramatic images.

We will consider how we can use creative techniques both in camera and in post processing to further our visual representation of the landscape around us. Working on a series of locations along this stretch of coast will allow us to consider the value and power of working in projects within our photography, something you will be able to apply to locations within only a few minutes of your home to help you create intimate landscape over a period of time which convey your connection to that area, your feelings and experience within that area and your artistic vision in creating a series of images which others may not make.

Velociscape IVelociscape I


Depending on the requirements of the group (maximum 4 people) we will start around an hour prior to sunrise to make the most of the early light, once we have worked our first few locations we shall return to Anderby Creek where we will grab a well earned breakfast (included in the price).

During the break we'll have chance to discuss the mornings work and different peoples approaches to the locations, there will also be time for me to share some post processing workflow techniques with you where I will show you how I visualise an image from it's RAW capture right the way through to the final processed output to create my personal vision and representation of the scene we have captured.

After our break we will head back out an work another location close by, again this could be a classic landscape location or we could explore some creative techniques such as ICM (intentional camera movement) before heading over to Gibraltar Point to spend the remaining hours of the workshop. 




This workshop is suitable for photographers of all abilities and shooting styles, if you feel you need technical assistance we will be more than happy to assist and help you understand the technical aspects of your camera. But, the workshops primary focus is to assist you in thinking more creatively about your photography and looking at different ways of approaching it to push your creative side and photography to the next level.


The workshop is limited to 4 participants to ensure everyone gets the maximum amount of time from us to help them develop their photography, please book early to avoid disappointment as this is the only summer group workshop in 2014, the next group workshops will be in the autumn. Contact us via the 'book now' button below to reserve your place.


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