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Intertidal: A Creative Walking Project

Often we are compelled to walk and visualise the world around us, that from which we normally take inspiration and photograph, yet there is a quiet peace in walking to explore and see without the pressure or expectation to make pictures.

Intertidal is the culmination of almost three weeks of walking, trudging, exploring and traversing the same stretch of peaceful Lincolnshire coastline. Without camera in hand there were no expectations or desires to make pictures other than in ones mind.

Through return, revisit and continued perambulation we begin to appreciate the subtleties of where we are: the complexity of it's ever changing response to weather, light and mood; our place and feelings as we wander through this ever changing environment with alone our thoughts. Over time we begin to develop a sense for the rhythm and those tiny nuances as the passing waves of sound and elements align to our heightened senses.

"Rhythm: a regular movement or patterns of movement" Cambridge Dictionary

When we are attuned to the rhythm that is often when the creative elements feel at their most instinctive and we are compelled to make pictures as our response. The rhythm of the coast and the ever changing intertidal zone are a dynamic and everchanging palette of inspiration. The patterns, shapes, inlets and waterways transient by nature, fragile and maybe gone on our return.

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